Flamingo Edition : Beauty Brush Set

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•The Flamingo Edition: Beauty Brush Set cover the needs of beauty tools to both new makeup user and semi professional makeup user for their daily makeup routine.

•This Flamingo Edition: Beauty Brush Set presents an exclusive selection of 8 high-quality make up brushes stored in a classic black clutch.

•Featuring soft and fluffy bristles, these brushes allow you to expertly pick up and diffuse high-pigment powders for seamless blending.

•Each brushes is manually handcrafted to retain the natural characteristics of the brush.

•High-quality bristles made from BASF hair which is a high quality synthetic hair. This BASF hair is inspired from the pony hair quality to ensure complete coverage and flawless application.

Set includes:
1. Powder Brush
2. Stippling Brush 1
3. Bronzer / Contour Brush
4. Face Brush
5. Highlighter / Blending Brush
6. Medium Eyeshadow Blending Brush
7. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
8. Angle Eyeliner Brush

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